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We are living in unprecedented times. With all the changing world and the impact of globalization, transformation of strategy in marketing and communications is the absolute must. No business can be economically viable if it continues running in its current path; decision makers have to be agile, reactive and responsive to survive. 

In The Purple Group, we firmly believe it is crucial to know our clientele to understand where to play. It is what we call partnership. The recent pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war put clear challenges for all industries; marketing and communications is not an exception. But where there is a challenge – there is an opportunity. Our response to the ongoing challenges is – rethinking, transforming and succeeding for perfection to exceed the expectations of our clients and to deliver the best account experiences. 
The role of strategic marketing and communications in business is crucial. It is of paramount importance to know the expectations of the stakeholders and C-suit leadership to architect your marketing and communications agenda. We at The Purple Group are right around the corner to support you in this journey. Our international team of advisory and consulting professionals will guide you through the whole cycle of strategy and transformation experience that will meet the expectations of your key stakeholders and help generate revenue growth. 
Over the past months, we talked to our clients to better understand their direction of travel addressing the new reality. We have also refreshed our own brand, invested in upskilling our team, as well as in the infrastructure. As we appreciate talent diversity and capture the best of the international experiences and global trends, we support our clientele through cross-border deals; UK and Turkey are in the front-line of operations when it comes to transformation, strategy, visualisation or rebranding. 

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